Strong Community Campaign Recognition Wall, YMCA Mankato

A picture is worth a thousand words.

Each year, donors give to the YMCA, allowing us to serve our community. This installation was designed to recognize those donors and celebrate what they make possible. The imagery surrounding the contributor board are real members from our YMCA participating in programming right here at our Y, proof of what donors made possible.

Photography & Design, Installation concept: Sara Hughes
Installation: SportPix, Mankato


Left Detail

Right Detail

SWORD: Endurance Drink Mix / Commercial, January 2016

Under Creative Lexington, I had the awesome opportunity to film a commercial for Sword, an endurance drink mix company here in Lexington. As part of the Launchpad Lex competition, 4 winners were offered the production of a 30 second commercial in effort to help the local entrepreneurs get their businesses out there. Sword was the first of 4, I'm currently working on the second and the remaining two will happen at some point this year. Stay tuned!

Client: SWORD
Video and Editing: Sara Hughes
Model: Shannon Florea
Music: Drivers by Belvedear
Voice talent: Michelle Falanaga
Location: Veteran's Park, Lexington KY

Creative Lexington / Graphic Designer

A couple of months ago I met Bryan Mullins during a photoshoot for Smiley Pete Publishing. I was taking photos for an article (coming soon) about a company he started called Creative Lexington. We started talking and I loved what his goals were for the company. We learned quickly that we would make a great team. I got to work right away on the redesign and branding of his website and we launched after the new year. *For designer recognition, Shaan Azeem designed the Creative Lexington logo. I designed the Snapshot Bios and Positive Change logos.

Since working with Bryan I have gotten more involved with video in Lexington as well. We just launched a video for Sword and I am currently working on a Snapshot Bio which will be released in a couple of weeks. Take a look at the website- the Snapshot Bios are especially neat. Enjoy!

Mankato Clinic Children's Health Center: 1 year ago today

Last year today was the opening celebration of the brand new Mankato Clinic Children's Health Center. 50 photos featuring Minnesota kids doing Minnesotan activities in all four seasons lined the exam room hallways- a project I had been working on for a year prior. In the image below I am standing at the beginning of the "Fall" hallway with my little model from the photo on the wall behind us. This image is special because it was one of the first photoshoots out of hundreds I did for the project. After I took the photo I knew instantly it would land a spot in the clinic. Little did I know it would be as big as the wall!

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click to see more photos