"Scare Tactics" / Smiley Pete Publishing, October 2015

Scare Tactics: Fright Nights Production Company expands its empire of terror.

A wild and crazy shoot I did a few weeks ago in time for the October issue of Chevy Chaser, Southsider and Business Lexington Magazines. It was so fun to do a shoot with such an animated crew who were all so excited to be there.. and there were so many of them, too! We knew we needed a group shot so Greg had put out an email asking his actors to come for the shoot hoping at least 15 would show. Well 15 showed.. +45ish. We attempted a massive group photo but it was a bit busy to say the least. I asked Greg to narrow it down.. Ta Da! Beautiful compromise. BUT, with so many awesome characters left unrecognized, I felt unsatisfied. I decided to take individual shots of some of those who didn't make the group photo to make up for it. To my delight (and this makes every photographer happy) so many photos made it in the article. In a perfect world this would always be the case- but oftentimes ads rule the universe or the amount of available space was simply underestimated. I was thrilled to see how the photos were utilized in the layout and how much space was allotted to the story.