Creative Lexington / Graphic Designer

A couple of months ago I met Bryan Mullins during a photoshoot for Smiley Pete Publishing. I was taking photos for an article (coming soon) about a company he started called Creative Lexington. We started talking and I loved what his goals were for the company. We learned quickly that we would make a great team. I got to work right away on the redesign and branding of his website and we launched after the new year. *For designer recognition, Shaan Azeem designed the Creative Lexington logo. I designed the Snapshot Bios and Positive Change logos.

Since working with Bryan I have gotten more involved with video in Lexington as well. We just launched a video for Sword and I am currently working on a Snapshot Bio which will be released in a couple of weeks. Take a look at the website- the Snapshot Bios are especially neat. Enjoy!