Creative Lexington / Graphic Designer

A couple of months ago I met Bryan Mullins during a photoshoot for Smiley Pete Publishing. I was taking photos for an article (coming soon) about a company he started called Creative Lexington. We started talking and I loved what his goals were for the company. We learned quickly that we would make a great team. I got to work right away on the redesign and branding of his website and we launched after the new year. *For designer recognition, Shaan Azeem designed the Creative Lexington logo. I designed the Snapshot Bios and Positive Change logos.

Since working with Bryan I have gotten more involved with video in Lexington as well. We just launched a video for Sword and I am currently working on a Snapshot Bio which will be released in a couple of weeks. Take a look at the website- the Snapshot Bios are especially neat. Enjoy!

Lake Superior Beach Glass / Graphic Designer

Long story short, my lifelong friend Anne Marie has a really awesome instagram account, and I helped her create a website to give the people what they want- Prints! Her work is absolutely beautiful so it was really easy to design for her. I used Squarespace because.. it is awesome- I use Squarespace for my personal page (this page) as well. You can't go wrong.

You should probably check out her site and buy some prints or cards..! If you are in Lexington or elsewhere, enjoy some Minnesota goodness. If you're in Minnesota- enjoy something homegrown.